Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Durian and Heavy Metals..... What do they have in common?

Durian rind can be processed into some powdery substance to remove heavy metals in the human body. Wonder how these metals come into us? Through touch, inhalation and frequent consumption of contaminated seafood...lead poisoning from toys manufactured with paint containing heavy metal....

So what is heavy metals? They can be mercury, petrol vapour, lead poisoning, arsenic or even copper. Heavy metals accumulate in the body's tissues and cause serious health problems.

It is not in too long into the future that insurance company will be measuring your saliva or your fingernails for such metals.....before approving any life insurance or even health insurance....or perhaps it is better if the insurers force you to buy and consume the said powder....what did they called it? mDRP or in long, modified durian rind pectin.

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