Monday, June 29, 2009

Blogging Tutorial for Insurance Practitioners

After having scanned through the cyberspace for blog sites of insurance practitioners practicing in Malaysian markets, sadly there are none, save for some life practitioners who owned websites as well as blog about the life insurance industry and relevant products hoping to make some sales. It is a notable fact blogging about insurance matters (...serious stuff) is time consuming and getting the blog site in working order is also a challenge for beginners, to a big extent weared down any bloggers having big dream.

But as practitioners, we need to blog so that our Malaysian insurance industry can be kept vibrant and robust. So, order to get you guys into the cyber ecosystem, malaysian insurance will be offerring some classes to begin with to give a feel into the world of blogging.... are you ready for it and are you charge up?? If you are, please register your name, email address and put in some comment.... we will contact you.



Anonymous said...

Hi, I am a senior citizen, I retired 3 years ago. I wanted to learn more from you as I see your site looks quite good. You are able to take away the blogger image but yet retained the url. I taught I can learn abit of trick from you. How much are you charging for teaching blogging and blogsite creation?

Anonymous said...

Morning, morning already have this picture....I thought this one some P looking thing!
Anyway, I am currently giving course on PHP scripting.....anyone wanna learn, please visit