Thursday, July 9, 2009


When the government changed the medium of teaching for Science and Maths in 2003, many parents were joyfully praising the government's foresight and their governing will to bring the nation not only to the forefront of the world globalisation but also to elevate the country towards realising our "Wawasan 2020". We emphasised on productivity and focus towards attaining the said wawasan within the shortest possible timeframe; even with a view towards achieving it before 2020.
The piece of news yesterday was not good for the ears and our soul for the matter. This government is too focus towards achieving results they themselves are not sure of. They made the decision by just merely comparing the results of the implementation of teaching science and maths in english..... the results were obviously bad. It was bad simply because the teachers teaching the subjects were not proficient enough with their english. But this was despite the government spending more than RM4.3 billion since 2004! Mind-bloggling because despite spending such a huge sum the teachers concerned still failed in achieving necessary proficiency level in english. Our education minsiter told us that they actually did not really learn grammar in school and university.....
Totally mind bloggling, RM4.3 billion spent and the results to show were science and maths teachers can't teach and students can't understand as all do not have the necessary grammar... the science and maths books written in BM were totally uncoordinated with sense and certainly weird looking in terms of meaning because the Dewan & Pustaka wanted to maintain the originality of the malay words......and blah! blah!
Despite all the hurdles created by those implementing English as the teaching medium, we did have some improvements, albeitly small...but nevertheless improvement we got, which the government begged to differ. Those who are in the education ministry for umpteen years making proposal and continue making proposal were proud to proposed again that BM as the teaching medium should be more appropriate. These people should be SHOT for failing to implement the English medium and squandering RM4.3 million and parents' time. They should be removed first and then we test out again English as the teaching medium....

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