Monday, November 17, 2008

Networking the industry

The industry is just an overcrowding of people trying to make it....the old ones goes out, the young ones trying to make headway, impressing one another as they go along. The babyboomers are still around nevertheless, holding key industry positions and still an important part of the key decision makers deciding the direction of our industry. The Central Bank is also composed of old baby boomers, some have little inkling of where other advanced contries are heading, nevermind the IT perspectives....but still insisted that micro managing the industry is the best options going forward. Still in this last part of the first decade of the 21st century, our industry is still not going forward....which I believe was a result of too many events of networking between people trying to scramble for key position....thus very little on thinking; thingking that involves intensified clashes of opinions. If our industry is too much into netwroking rather than strong exchanges of thoughts, then we are just moving around, where the right people supposedly to helm higher positions may not be able to make it. Off course networking gets people of this industry in a "political correct" platform thus it is much easier to exist compared to a platform that entails a consistent clashing of great minds. But as our country is struggling to navigated through to tonnes of political rubbles, the economic pretence and the world markets going down, networking alone will not do a great job of pushing this industry forward.....wines, drinks and an occassion rubs will create nothing than a standstill.....

If you know what I mean..... Cheers

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