Wednesday, April 1, 2009


The media have been consistent with their report.... yes! It is really bad times because US is having a bad time, Europe and Japan is sliding into recession.... In Malaysia (somewhere closer....), not that many unemployment although is slightly on the uptrend. But the more the media reports the seemingly very bleak future, the more adamant that malaysian companies are not into employing as well as not even want to employ for replacement of staff having left! Companies are now being dragged along and driven by the pessimistic outlook painted by the media. Some are even thinking of pay-cuts..... pay-cuts??? What's that? Pay cuts for this insurance industry? Come On, it can't be that bad lah! I think our industry captains are just not driving hard enough. This is the real test of their captaincy and we followers truly need them delivering on their true potential as capability as industry captains. The captains now must truly drive as hard as if lives depend on their driving ability. This driving ability can't be drifting towards the negative end....Not going down south.

May the REAL CAPTAIN stands up and be counted please! Please don't making bad times out of the already bad economic situation........ Thank you very much.

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